Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Best Petite Jeans... Ever!

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Where can we find the best petite jeans ever? 

... Keep on reading and you'll find out how to get them! 

For tiny framed petites, it can be such a huge challenge to find the perfect pair of jeans, let alone a pair in each tone of blue! 

Even when we're lucky enough to find the perfect fit around the waist, they'll usually need to be hemmed, which is tricky, and more expensive than a regular trouser alteration.

But... never the less, I do agree with fashion editors at StyleList, when they say:

"If there is one thing in your closet that should fit perfectly (and we don't mean really well--we mean perfectly), that would be your jeans."

Especially as a petites, we need to take the time to find the best fitting jeans for our bodies and then...cherish them! 

I completely recommend the bootcut style as the most flattering style for our small figures! 

Bootcut jeans hug the waist perfectly and allow the right amount of room at the bottom for our shoes, creating a perfect vertical line without adding awkward width to our ankles like a flare leg can tend to do. Skinny jeans are okay, but they create a horizontal line across our ankles, which can tend to make us look shorter... sometimes much, much shorter.

Finding the perfect jeans for petites might seem like a hit or miss occurrence, and nearly impossible to do when we really need to, so when we do find them in the right length, we snatch them up without hesitation! ... flattering, or not!

... however!

... for petites with small frames, I have a fairly predictable option in the bootcut style to flatter our legs and waist-line. 

They're available in three washes including dark, medium and light. The best part is that they aren't even close to being expensive! They're incredibly reasonable for their quality and... finding the perfect fit in denim for petites is almost priceless anyway.

... SO!

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Petite Fashion Secrets

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Many petite fashion experts will say to stick with strictly form-fitting pieces and stay away from anything that's flowy or baggy... wider pieces tend to create an unflattering, shortening and broadening effect.

But right now, we're going to talk about a way to break that rule without all of the nasty side effects. 

Petite fashionista, Louise Rednapp, spills that we don't, necessarily, have to wear an entirely form-fitting outfit.... instead she says: 

"'The biggest tip I’ve got for anyone wearing petite sizes is never to wear baggy clothes on both your top and bottom half at the same time. If you’re wearing something loose-fitting on top, then team it with a streamlined bottom half and vice versa. Trouser length is also very important, try to avoid having too much material at the bottom of your trousers, go for a good clean finish with the length."

COS, Louise Redknapp
Photo courtesy of Mirror,
featuring Louise in Wallis Petite.
SO ... as long as one half of the look is form-fitting, we can play with a little volume on the other half... this gives us a bit more variety as long as everything fits properly!

Another great feature of this particular outfit is that it can take you from day to night... 

... for the office, it can be paired with a blazer. I would choose a tiny print, black, or even white for the color. For the night look, simply subtract the blazer, add some small earrings and a teeny bracelet and you're good to go!

If you have any questions or if you want to know where you can find a similar pieces available in the U.S., I would be happy to help! Leave me a comment and subscribe by email below! 

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

How To Find the Latest Styles in Petite Sizes

Marisa Ankle Cut, Ann Taylor Loft
As petites it can seem like a huge challenge to find the current looks in the right sizes and cuts for our small frames... 

When we're shopping at our favorite stores it's usually so tempting to snatch up the must-have items of the season... even if we know they're not the perfect fit. I'd say that's a natural reaction for those of us who love wearing the latest styles!


Wearing clothes that fit right is the most fashionable and flattering thing we can do!

So, if you can't seem to find the latest looks in the right sizes... 

...use them as your style inspiration! 

Cee from ToBrightenMyDay
If you keep the trendy pieces as a guide for what you'd like to wear, instead of buying them in regular sizes, you can shop for clothes that really fit and flatter your body... 

...and that's a great way to look naturally chic this summer!

Shop for petite or short pants in your favorite colors of the season, then style them with a similar toned shirt to create the lengthening illusion that all petites know and love...

Take Cee, from ToBrightenMyDay, for example... her white-on-white look creates the perfect lengthening effect, especially with her light linen pants that rest right above her sandals. 

You can do this with any color you want!

One of the best places to find petite sized pants in trendy, summer colors is at Ann Taylor Loft. They currently have the Marisa Ankle cut in four colors, and they also carry the Marisa Cropped cut in two professionally stylish colors. Both options start at size double zero petite, and look very flattering on a short, slim frame. The white linen pants that Cee is wearing is the LOFT, Julie Trouser Leg cut.

For classic v-necks in lots of summer colors, try LOFT again... They're form fitting, which flatters the petite figure and creates a very nice lengthening effect.  

You can finish your look with accessories that go with the trends for the season... 

...You'll usually be able to find them at the stores where you originally found your inspiration. Here's a few great and inexpensive Summer accessories from H&M.

For shoe choices, it's best to stick with light or nude colors to match your skin tone, especially for the summer months when colored nylons aren't worn frequently. Go for a thin heel to avoid adding any unwanted width around your feet.

Happy Summer Trend Shopping!

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